Applications that will make use of Android smartphones even more useful and convenient

May 17, 2024  17:02

The publication "Palach" has compiled a list of several apps that, according to the editors, will "enhance" almost any Android smartphone.

The first app, Action Notch, allows you to use the Dynamic Island feature, similar to that in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15, and set up actions triggered by double or triple taps on the back of the smartphone.

The second app, Spatial Touch, lets you scroll through content, pause videos, and adjust volume using finger gestures without touching the screen. It works with most popular services, including YouTube and Spotify.

The third app, StopScroll, helps overcome the addiction to watching reels and short videos by limiting the daily viewing time. This service is useful for children, teenagers, and adults who struggle to control the time spent on TikTok and similar apps.

The fourth app, blockit, helps increase productivity by blocking smartphone usage at certain times. It has a pleasant design reminiscent of the Nothing brand's aesthetics.

The last app, Flip Clock & Floating Widget, turns your smartphone into a stylish clock and allows you to set a countdown timer widget over any application.

All of these apps, according to "Palach," are highly practical and can be downloaded by any Android user.

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