New bug was found in iOS: Deleted photos restored for iPhone and iPad users

May 16, 2024  10:12

A new bug was found in the iOS operating system: after updating to iOS 17.5, users began to find previously deleted photos on their devices.

According to the portal 9to5Mac, users say that the Photos application began to display photos that were deleted several years ago. According to one user, he discovered pictures from 2010 on his phone that he deleted long ago, but now they appear in iCloud as recently downloaded. Another user discovered long-deleted intimate photos on his iPhone.

According to some victims, deleted photos are recovered not only on the iPhone, but also on the iPad. But at the moment, the problem is not yet widespread.

The unexpected restoration of photos taken many years ago and deleted in the device’s memory raises questions among many about data confidentiality. Moreover, the pictures were not even found in the “Recently Deleted” folder, where files can be stored for a month after being deleted from the gallery.

Apple has not yet commented on the situation, and it is still unclear how the photos ended up in the device memory and iCloud if users once completely deleted them from everywhere.

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