Viber will have new and convenient feature

February 29, 2024  12:11

Viber messenger will have a new function: users can create up to five folders for sorting chats. The company Rakuten, which owns Viber, reports this on its website.

The folder feature will work the same way it works in Telegram. In addition to the general correspondence tab, it will be possible to create up to five folders in the messenger. Users will be able to add chats, channels and communities to one or more folders.

At the same time, it will not be possible to place hidden chats and messages from companies or customers in folders.

Tabs can be renamed. Users will be able to prioritize folders, such as the Work folder during the work week, or the Friends or Family folders during the weekend.

In addition, Viber will be able to mark all chats in a folder as read. These can be managed through the More menu on the main screen. Also, those who have more than 10 chats in Viber will be able to see the new function.

The feature will appear in Viber version 22.0. Rakuten promises that the update will roll out to all users gradually over several months.

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