Criminals have started using a new method of fraud to extort money

February 12, 2024  20:36

Specialists of Russian banks have reported on new tools that fraudsters are using to attack users on messengers and social networks. Cybercriminals have started using voice messages from existing conversations with people on the contact list, whereas previously, audio recordings were generated using artificial intelligence.

The scammers hack into the victim's messenger account and study the conversations with acquaintances and colleagues. Selecting an appropriate interlocutor, they send a text message to them on behalf of the account owner.

The cybercriminals' goal is to gain trust, so they may continue a previously initiated dialogue with this contact or bring up a topic discussed earlier. To maintain the deception, fraudsters copy old voice messages, convincing the interlocutor that they are genuinely communicating with a friend or relative.

Afterwards, the scammers proceed to request financial assistance, such as asking to borrow money for a day to pay rent. As a result, the victim transfers money to the account provided by the fraudster.

Experts recommend that users do not fall for persuasion and verify information through additional communication channels. For added security, users can delete voice messages from chats after listening or enable the auto-deletion option.

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