Мan enters Apple store in broad daylight, stoles 49 iPhones։ No one stops him (video)

February 8, 2024  17:23

A black man broke into the Apple Store in Oakland, California, USA, and stole 49 iPhones. Employees and customers of the store followed him in amazement, and no one tried to stop the robber, reports The Daily Mail.

One of the visitors recorded the incident. The published footage shows how a man roughly rips out smartphones from security wires and shoves them into his pants pockets. When there is no more room in his pockets, he puts the phones in his pants. During the robbery, an alarm sounds in the store. Visitors and employees of the Apple Store do not decide to stop the robber and only cautiously follow him.

When the man has already stolen almost all the smartphones on the counters of the store, he rushes to the exit, clumsily pulling up his pants, which slipped under the weight of the smartphones.

The camera continues to follow the criminal when he leaves the store, and at some point in the frame it is visible that a police car is standing right in front of the entrance to the store, but there are no policemen in the car. As a result, he crosses the street and calmly gets into his car. The video ends at this point.

As The Daily Mail notes, this is the fourth theft from the Apple store in Oakland only in 2024. Governor of California Gavin Newsom reacted to the latest incident and promised to send 120 experienced policemen to the city to stop such robberies.


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