Twitter to have 3 types of accounts: This platform to become paid for everyone?

November 9, 2022  12:22

The new verification system will separate all Twitter accounts into three groups. Twitter Blue subscribers, who will be one of these three groups, will no longer have to submit documents to get a blue check mark; it will be enough to pay $8 a month and that's it! However, there are rumors that Elon Musk, who recently became the new owner of Twitter, intends to make this platform paid for everyone.

There will be 3 types of Twitter accounts

As Esther Crawford—who is in charge of Twitter's experimental projects—informed, thanks to the new verification system, there will be three types of user accounts on this platform:

  • "Official"—that is, official accounts
  • Accounts with a paid Twitter Blue subscription
  • Unverified accounts

Previously, the platform had a free verification procedure where users could provide personal information—documents, driver's license, phone number, etc.—that could be used to identify themselves. However, now Twitter Blue subscribers will no longer have to go through verification in this way to get a blue check mark. Since the subscription to Twitter Blue is paid, the company will be able to identify users based on the data in the payment documents.

Some of the already verified accounts will be able to get the "Official" label at no extra cost and without a subscription. But this opportunity is likely to be given to government organizations, officials, politicians, public figures, and the media. Moreover, the right to use the "Official" label will not be able to be purchased—as is the case with the Blue check mark.

All other Twitter accounts will be considered “unverified.”

Elon Musk wants to make Twitter paid?

There are rumors that the new owner is considering making Twitter a paid platform. According to Platformer, Musk recently discussed with his adviser David Sacks the possibility of using a paid subscription for access to Twitter.

Exactly how this might be accomplished, and whether it will be accomplished at all, is not yet known. Perhaps Twitter will introduce a monthly limit for free use of the website, and after reaching this limit the users will be prompted to switch to a paid subscription.

Official representatives of Twitter have not yet commented on this information, and, apparently, no final decision has been made on this issue.

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