OpenAI launches GPT Store: Developers will be able to share their own chatbots there

January 11, 2024  14:10

OpenAI is launching a store of chatbots developed by ChatGPT users. The site is called GPT Store. The applications in it are divided into categories, and there is also a search system for chatbots with the necessary functionality.

The number of customized chatbots, according to some estimates, has already exceeded 3 million, and their focus is very different, ranging from chatbots that can help to learn mathematics to sets of cocktail recipes. However, it is not yet known which part of them will be presented in the company store during its launch. According to Bloomberg, programming skills are not required to create such chatbots, so it is expected that they will be created more and more actively.

There is no opportunity to make money on custom chatbots yet, but it is expected by the end of March. It is expected that chatbot developers for the GPT Store in the US will be able to receive money in accordance with the popularity of their developments.

OpenAI initially planned to launch an application store at the end of November 2023, but the scandal with the resignation and return to the post of CEO Sam Altman prevented all plans.

Recently ChatGPT users were offered a new tariff for corporate clients with a monthly subscription fee of $25 per person. Small companies developing AI systems will be able to use the OpenAI infrastructure and its language models for this money. OpenAI first introduced a tariff plan for corporate clients back in August 2023.

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