NuraLogix showcases "magic mirror" that diagnoses dozens of diseases by "looking" at a person's face

January 9, 2024  20:17

Canadian medtech company NuraLogix showcased the innovative "Anura MagicMirror" at the CES 2024. This device scans a person's face, including the blood vessels beneath the skin, and based on the collected data, identifies signs of dozens of diseases, as reported by CNET.

The Anura MagicMirror is a desktop device with a 21.5-inch screen, cameras, and various sensors. It scans a person's face, primarily focusing on blood flow analysis. The gadget utilizes a patented transdermal optical visualization technology to detect facial blood vessels. Machine learning algorithms use this data to analyze over 100 health parameters.

NuraLogix claims that the MagicMirror can provide information about arterial pressure, body mass index, heart rate variability, pulse rate, respiratory rate, and the age of facial skin. The device can also assess the risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, hypertension, fatty liver disease, and more. It also offers a risk assessment for mental health, identifying signs of anxiety disorders and depression.

The facial scanning process takes only 30 seconds, and users receive information about potential pathologies.

The release date and cost of the device have not been disclosed yet. It is expected that the Anura MagicMirror will be utilized in hospital waiting rooms and nursing homes.

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