AI Accent Localization: Krisp introduces new product that can ‘Americanize’ Indian accent

December 28, 2023  10:17

Krisp introduces a new product that allows you to “localize” an Indian accent in real time, turning it into an American one. It can be especially useful for call centers, eliminating language barriers between employees and customers and promoting more effective communication.

AI Accent Localization also revolutionizes customer service for companies by eliminating the need for accent training.

"Crisp's research team has spent the past year focusing on developing accent translation technology.

We are the first to market the Indian accent to American accent technology.

By the way, during the project, the Krisp team managed to record and test the technology with all the Indians we met," Krisp co-founder and president Artavazd Minasyan wrote on his Facebook page.

Here's how AI Accent Localization works in practice:

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