Russian programmers develop neural network that identifies owners of anonymous Telegram channels

December 20, 2023  14:22

A neural network capable of identifying owners of anonymous Telegram channels has been developed in Russia. This artificial intelligence (AI), named "Comrade Major," is currently undergoing internal testing at the development company T.Hunter, as reported by the newspaper "Izvestia," citing the press service of the National Technological Initiative (NTI).

"A basic anthology of methods and techniques used by specialists in investigating Telegram channels was developed, and the program was then trained on these methods," said Igor Bederov, an NTI market expert at SafeNet and head of the information-analytical research department at T.Hunter, in a conversation with the publication.

The company explained that this process involves gathering information about administrators from the description of the Telegram channel, its archived copies, posts, and obtaining metadata from published files. The neural network can find the necessary information in message signatures, embedded chats, sticker packs, documents, and videos uploaded to the channel. The new program takes actions that an expert would take: analyzing data leaks, matching them with the user's name or photo. Developers claim that it does this faster and more efficiently than a human.

Upon request, the AI bot provides information about mobile phones linked to the user's profile, address, and other digital traces that may be found in the analyzed content. Additionally, the neural network analyzes other identifiers and obtains data from communities on social networks, blogs, and websites, according to the company.

Bederov stated that the artificial intelligence is based on one of the most common text neural networks operating on T.Hunter's servers. A Telegram bot was developed for its use, simplifying interaction with the software, he added.

Developers also mentioned that a full version of the program is expected to be released in 2024-2025. It is intended for use by government or private organizations investigating cybercrimes related to anonymous Telegram communities, as noted by the developers.


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