Lenovo recalls its external batteries: They have dangerous defect

November 24, 2023  12:28

Lenovo has announced a major recall of Lenovo Go USB Type-C External Power Banks manufactured between January and June 2022. The reason for the recall, as reported on the company's website, was the identified technological defect, which can lead to serious consequences, including short circuit, overheating and fire of the lithium-ion battery.

The recall affects approximately 3,000 batteries with part numbers 40ALLG2WWW and PBLG2W distributed in the United States, Canada and other countries around the world. Users are advised to check the battery's manufacturing date on the back of the device. If the power bank you are using was manufactured between January and June 2022 (the date on them is 01/22, 02/22, 03/22, 04/22, 05/22 or 06/22), this may indicate a risk.

The company urges owners of batteries with such dates to stop using the device and immediately contact support to receive a free replacement. Lenovo also warns against disposing of defective batteries due to potential hazards to the environment and humans, promising to safely recycle the recalled devices.

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