Too scary and violent? 'The Callisto Protocol' is banned in Japan, but will be released in other countries soon

October 28, 2022  20:12

Horror games are usually scary and violent - that's the whole point of the genre. But the new "The Callisto Protocol" seems to have surpassed other horror games. Because the game has too much blood and violence, it won't be released in Japan: according to Screenrant, the game failed to get the required age rating.

The local regulator CERO (Computer Entertainment Ratings Organization) asked the developer to change the game to meet the age rating, but the developer refused to change anything, saying that if the game had less violent murders and violence, it would affect the user experience.

In other countries, the game will be released Dec. 2 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

In North America, "The Callisto Protocol" is rated ESRB and will be released as an adult game (17+). No word yet on its ratings in other countries.

"The Callisto Protocol" horror game is being developed by Striking Distance studio, which is headed by Dead Space series creator Glen Schofield.

Events are set in 2320 in the space prison "Black Steel" on Jupiter's satellite Callisto. The protagonist Jacob Lee finds himself on Callisto after a crash and learns that the prison has a huge number of terrible mutants.

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