How much titanium is there actually in iPhone 15 Pro Max? Blogger takes extreme measures to find out

September 25, 2023  16:41

Tech blogger Zach Nelson, better known as JerryRigEverything on YouTube, is renowned for his revealing tests of technology's strength and durability. In his latest jaw-dropping video, he took an angle grinder to the iPhone 15 Pro Max to measure the thickness of the titanium layer within the smartphone's body. The editorial team at WccfTech couldn't help but notice this captivating video.

Apple had made quite the proclamation: the iPhone 15 Pro Max features a body crafted from an alloy of titanium and aluminum. Yet, the specifics of this "alloy" remained shrouded in mystery until now. Zach Nelson, with a determination to leave no stone unturned, decided on a radical approach, utilizing an angle grinder to cut through the smartphone's casing.

The results of his daring experiment unveiled the phone's internal architecture and the method of employing the titanium layer. Surprisingly, it was revealed that the aluminum part of the case was housed within, with a thin layer of titanium elegantly covering it. Zach's measurements indicated that this titanium layer boasts a thickness of approximately one millimeter, adding a considerable boost to the smartphone's durability and resilience.

Zach emphasized that the creation of such a complex metal alloy is a highly intricate technological process. In this regard, he commended Apple for its commendable work in this innovative direction. The titanium layer is the secret ingredient that bestows the iPhone 15 Pro Max with its unique characteristics and reinforces its strength.

However, as Zach Nelson systematically disassembled the smartphone, he couldn't help but notice Apple's penchant for employing numerous fastening screws. While this meticulous approach adds to the device's robustness, it also complicates the process of disassembly and repair.

The latest JerryRigEverything video garnered the attention of millions of viewers, accumulating over 3.4 million views in just 24 hours. Additionally, it amassed more than 130,000 likes and generated over 6,000 comments, reaffirming the public's perpetual fascination with unraveling the inner workings and technological intricacies of modern gadgets.

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