Google starts deleting unused emails: How to prevent your Google Account from being deleted?

August 16, 2023  14:27

Google has started sending emails to users of the Gmail mail service, warning that accounts that have not been active for the past two years will soon be deleted. The new rule comes into force on December 1, 2023.

Warning messages are sent from [email protected]. In the letters, Google briefly explains the reasons for implementing the new rule.

In a similar letter received by the Tech, it is reported that from now on, the permissible period of inactivity for a Google account will be two years, and from December 2023, inactive accounts will be deleted with all their content.

Google also clarifies that this rule will only apply to accounts that have not been used to access Google services or have had no activity for two years.

Google has assured that several warning emails will be sent to both their primary and backup email addresses before the account is deleted.

How to prevent your Google Account from being deleted?

To avoid losing your account and to keep it active, it will be enough to perform at least one activity on the account once every two years.

According to Google's email, the easiest way to keep your account active is to log in at least once every two years. If you've signed in to your Google Account at least once in the last two years, it's considered active and won't be deleted.

Other ways to keep your account active include:

  • Reading or sending emails;
  • Using Google Drive;
  • Watching videos on YouTube;
  • Photo sharing;
  • Downloading an application;
  • Using Google search;
  • Using a given Google account to access a third-party application or service.

There are also some exceptions where accounts will not be deleted even if there is no activity on them. Such exceptions include:

  • Google Account with YouTube channels that have videos or comments under videos;
  • Account that has a gift card with a cash balance;
  • Account with which an app has been published, for example in the Google Play store.

Other exceptions to this policy can be found here.

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