The new and most useless features of iPhone: Why wouldn't you use them?

July 27, 2023  10:40

New iPhones running iOS 17 have new features, some of which most users will not need at all.

As the techno bloggers of the Palach (Палач) website tell, although Apple actively advertises them, these functions may be needed only by a very narrow audience.

The first feature that bloggers criticize is the distance between the screen and the eyes. It alerts users when the smartphone is held too close to their eyes to protect their vision. The problem is that in practice, most users will ignore these warnings and continue to look at the screen from close range if they feel comfortable doing so.

One of the main problems with this feature is the lack of ability to add exceptions for specific applications. This means that even in online games, where such warnings would clearly annoy users, these notifications cannot be turned off.

The second feature, called "Waiting," is for the desktop clock display, but it only works on iPhones with the Aways-on-display feature. On other devices, the screen will simply turn off after a few seconds, making it of little use to most users.

Bloggers also noted that in order to use this function, it is necessary to constantly charge the smartphone and always have a stand at hand, which is inconvenient and impractical in everyday life.

The third one is the function of adding special posters for each contact. This may sound unusual, but most users probably will not like to spend time configuring all the details for each contact. In today's world, where most of the communication takes place through messengers, setting this up for each new contact on the phone would just be an extra hassle, and therefore this feature may not be relevant and rarely used.

Therefore, the iPhone's new features, despite Apple's attempts to promote them, have very little value to most people. Limited configuration options and inconvenience of use make these functions impractical in everyday life, and they may only be useful for a limited group of users. 

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