Italian IT company fires all employees: Its new functions to be based on AI?

July 10, 2023  12:16

Italian company Bending Spoons, the new owner of tech startup Evernote, has laid off the remaining 98 Evernote employees in the US and Chile as part of a second wave of layoffs. The company is transitioning to using artificial intelligence (AI) to develop new features in the program.

Evernote is a noting and note-taking program that has apps for smartphones, too, and works in browsers. 
As the Tool Finder website informs, the company already has more than 50 ideas for functions that can be created on the basis of AI in the new version of Evernote.

One of these features will be the AI Note Cleanup, which automatically organizes multiple notes into folders based on their content and some other characteristics. In addition, this feature will correct typos and punctuation, making it easier to write and edit posts.

The second function, the AI Search, will enable users to ask Evernote questions in natural language and receive quick answers based on the content of their notes. This will significantly improve the app's usability and help users find the information they need faster.

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