To rebrand Armenia, you need to develop a strategy that is stunning, modern and related to smart։ Director of Gale Branding

June 26, 2023  10:28

In order to present itself to the world, to become attractive for international investments, Armenia should develop a strategy that is shocking, modern, and also create an emotional connection about what is smart, modern, especially since Armenia is so famous in the field of innovations, Chief Executive and Creative Director of Gale Branding Mindy Gale said in an interview with Tech within the framework of Orion Summit-2023.

"I would start with the realization of the fact that many Americans, even very sophisticated people, do not know where Armenia is and it is a very sad fact for me, but they are not familiar not only with its location, but also with the culture, the country, its specialties. I would want to to craft a strategy that looks and feels exciting, modern, especially since so many unicorn companies in the technology sector are coming from Armenia. Therefore, the emotional connection should be about quick, smart, modern, and then you could tell the story of some culture and flavor. I think it should be in the first place when the country starts thinking about rebranding," she says.

When asked what the difference is between marketing for an individual and a startup, Mindy Gale said that they are fundamentally different, but the foundation of all marketing is establishing the brand's DNA, whether you are an individual, a B2B company, or a consumer company.

"You really have to know who you are and then project that in the right way. That is the beginning of the story. You need to spread the "flavor" of your company. Cultivating the brand's DNA is crucial, and depending on who you're going after next, it needs to look and feel accordingly,” she said.  

In response to the question of what made her to be interested in the Orion Summit, the chief executive of Gale Branding said that she received the invitation from Emma Arakelyan, the CEO and founder of Orion Worldwide Innovations, who, as she put it, "is a very determined persons" whom "you can never say no."

“She [Emma] acknowledges the fact that many Armenian companies want to do business in the US and are often not sure what kind of marketing approach they need. So she invited me, and I see that she is right. The US market is a very tricky market to navigate if you have never been here before. Every part of the country has its own taste and culture, and to be successful, you have to sell in different areas," she says.   

Orion Summit 2023 was held on June 19-23 in New York, the information partner of the event is Tech. Over four eventful days, more than 100 participants of the summit discussed a number of issues, how to make Armenia attractive for global investments, how to contribute to the development of the country and its economy, and what role modern technologies can play in all this.

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