Apple introduces updated store for iPhone apps

June 21, 2023  12:32

Apple has made some design changes to the App Store for iOS. Now in the "Today" tab, the ad will be visible at the very beginning of the list of offers.

As the company's official website informs, the app selected by the App Store editors is still displayed in the first part of the "Today" tab. The first post is followed by an ad block.

The old ad block will no longer function, and all paid campaigns will be moved under a new category. The new “Today” tab ad format will be available starting in July on iPhones running iOS 16.4 or later.

The ad appeared in the App Store's "Today" tab last year, and almost immediately, blocks with gambling ads began to appear there. This caused a wave of outrage among users, and therefore Apple stopped showing such ads in these blocks.

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