WhatsApp adds feature to protect against spam calls

June 20, 2023  14:10

WhatsApp has a new feature that protects users from spam calls. Now Messenger can automatically block spam calls from unknown contacts. Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, announced this on the Meta Channel, which publishes information about the company's new services.

Now you can automatically block incoming calls from unknown contacts on WhatsApp. This enables even greater privacy for users and gives them new opportunities to control the work in the Messenger, said Zuckerberg.

According to him, the new function can be enabled in the Messenger settings. You need to enter the “Privacy” section and select the “Calls” item, then move the slider to the "Block unknown numbers" instruction.

Testing of this function was reported back in March. The person calling the user from an unknown number will not receive any notification that their call is not seen or heard; he will only hear beeps and will simply not be answered.

 The user who has activated this function will not even know about a potentially dangerous call from an unknown subscriber. But he will be able to view the history of missed calls from unknown numbers and decide whether the missed call is dangerous for him or recognize the given number from which he was called, and then he will be able to call back.

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