Which version of Android is the most popular today?

June 5, 2023  22:05

New versions of the Android operating system are not so popular so far. As of June 2023, Android 11, released in 2020, remains the most popular version of the operating system.

As reported by the 9to5google website, Android 11 is currently installed on 23.1% of activated devices. In second place is the version of Android 10, installed on 17.8% of devices. The new version of Android 12 took the third place, it is installed on only 16.3% of Android smartphones.

However, at the moment, the most current version, Android 13, is only in fourth place with a share of 14.7%. However, this indicator has increased significantly in recent months. in January, this version of the operating system was installed on only 5.2% of Android devices.

Interestingly, over the past few months, the share of Android 8 Oreo released in 2018 has increased from 6.7% in April to 8.3% in June, although it seems that users should gradually abandon the old operating systems and install the new ones.

Currently, the least popular version is Android 4.4 KitKat. it is installed on 0.5% of devices.

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