What's the best way to extend iPhone battery life?

June 2, 2023  15:11

To extend iPhone battery life, users should turn off the 5G network search function in the device settings, said techno blogger Pavel Abramov, speaking on the Rozetked YouTube channel about the best ways to extend smartphone battery life.

"If you see the 5G network search function on your phone, and you are in a country where it does not work, you can safely turn off the 5G network search function. This feature is usually enabled by default in the settings and can easily be disabled because it is the search for such networks that significantly consumes the charge of the smartphone", explained Pavel Abramov.

At the same time, he advised not to turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, despite the fact that many are sure that these functions waste battery power if they are active in the background. "It is not necessary to turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. All wireless modules have been energy-saving for a long time," Abramov explained.

According to the technoblogger, to save the battery, it is better to pay attention to Apple's new function called Always-On Display. "The only thing worth turning off on the iPhone 14 Pro is the Always-On Display function, because you almost never need this feature, but it wastes battery," he added.

NEWS.am Tech wrote about smartphone battery charging, giving several tips on how to properly charge the phone and extend battery life. Accordingly, the phone should be charged partially, not fully, and not at night. You can read the entire article here.

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