How to understand whether you have downloaded spyware on your Android smartphone?

May 31, 2023  21:02

If a spy application has been installed on your Android smartphone, tablet or laptop, in most cases, according to Yevgeny Baklushin, head of the Audit and Information Security Compliance Department of the "Uralian Center of Security Systems" company, it is possible to find out.

"There are three classic ways to understand it: the device starts to work dramatically worse, the memory volume is rapidly decreasing, the active antivirus detects the spy software," the specialist said in an interview with "360" TV channel.

To avoid infecting devices with malicious applications, the expert advises not to download applications from unverified resources and untrusted third-party app stores.

"If in any case you download applications from other sources (stores, websites), you should make sure in advance that it is not a clone-spyware. In many application stores, it is very often mentioned who the real developer is," the specialist noted.

Of course, the problem, however, is that today, even in official stores, potentially dangerous applications can be downloaded. Recently, for example, a malicious software module for Android was discovered that can spy on users and transfer files and data from their devices to criminals. The module, called SpinOk, has been embedded in various apps, including Google Play, and those apps have been downloaded more than 421 million times.

Another dangerous app was discovered on Google Play by Google employees themselves. they discovered an app named iRecorder-Screen Recorder has been spying on users since August 2022, it actually records their voices and sends them to the criminals.

It should also be noted that a smartphone can "spy" on its owner even if the device is not connected to the Internet. According to experts, smartphones constantly collect data about their owners, and the absence of the Internet does not guarantee the safety of this data.

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