Apple Watch saves the life its owner injured in an accident: How to enable Crash Detection function?

May 30, 2023  14:15

A fatal accident occurred in the US state of Ohio, which the police learned about thanks to the Apple Watch smart watch, which was on the arm of one of the victims.

As the Apple Insider portal reports, many Apple Watch models have a built-in accident detection function, which in this case called the police to the scene. The police did not find the car with the transmitted coordinates, but soon with the help of a drone they managed to find an overturned Chevrolet Spark in the valley. According to the police, the car left the road, went down a steep slope and fell into the stream.

There were two people in the car։ one of them died on the spot, the second, the owner of the watch, was taken to the medical center in critical condition.

Crash Detection function

Apple introduced a feature called Crash Detection in 2022 when it released the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2, Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone 14 series.

The purpose of this feature, as the name suggests, is to detect serious car accidents. If the device realizes that a car accident has occurred, it sounds an alarm and sends a notification to the user, and if the user does not respond, the device automatically calls an ambulance after 20 seconds.

How to enable the function on iPhone?

  • Open the Settings menu,
  • Press the Emergency SOS command,
  • Activate the Call After Severe Crash instruction.

How to enable the function on Apple Watch?

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone,
  • On the My Watch tab, click Emergency SOS,
  • Activate the Call After Severe Crash instruction.

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