AI in Photoshop: It will allow to edit images with text commands (photo, video)

May 25, 2023  12:09

Adobe Photoshop, one of the most popular photo editing programs today, will have a built-in neural network that will allow to edit images using text instructions.

As Engadget reports, the Generative Fill function is based on Firefly's artificial intelligence. And with its help, you can edit and change photos not manually, but with the help of text descriptions. You can ask AI to add some object to the picture, for example, a puddle in the desert, a car and a cloud in the shape of a car, as in the photo below.


You can also select the object and change the background as below.

photoshop-firefly-2.jpg (70 KB)

Also, you can ask AI to add or, on the contrary, remove any object from the picture, change its shape, color, individual details, etc.


According to the developers, Adobe is working on Generative Fill, taking into account the copyright issues that arise along with the advancement of AI. The company assures that Firefly learns exclusively from images uploaded to its Adobe Stock photo bank.

An "invisible digital signature" is placed on images edited with a neural network, with the help of which, looking at the attributes of the image, one can understand whether AI was used to create the photo or not.

This feature will be available to users until the end of the year, for now it is only open for beta testing.

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