Apple applies to register a new trademark. It may be related to a device that will be introduced soon

May 22, 2023  16:15

Apple has applied to register the xrProOS trademark. It's related to a new augmented reality headset that the company is expected to unveil at this summer's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

As the MacRumors portal reports, the application was submitted by Deep Dive LLC, which previously registered trademarks on behalf of Apple. According to the newspaper, on May 18, the company filed for the trademark "xrProOS" (with the Apple SF Pro font) in Argentina, Turkey and the Philippines. In early May, the same company applied to register the "xrOS" trademark in New Zealand.

Probably Apple is behind both applications. the company is taking preliminary steps to protect its intellectual property rights related to the new augmented reality device. On May 18, Deep Dive LLC also applied to register xrProOS in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, but without the SF Pro font. According to the documents, the company first applied to register the new trademark in Jamaica on April 27. It is in Jamaica where Apple often files its first trademark applications for future products, as the country does not have an online trademark database with a search option, which helps the company maintain the privacy of new products.

Earlier, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman reported that the operating system of Apple's augmented reality device will be called xrOS, so the new brand is most likely related to this device. It is possible, however, that on the eve of the presentation of that device, Apple is now merely "covering its tracks" and does not intend to use the xrProOS brand in the future at all.

Apple's first augmented reality device is expected to be unveiled at WWDC on June 5, with a release later this year. It is expected to combine virtual and augmented reality functions, and its price will be around 3,000 USD. Other details about the device are not yet known.

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