A fraud of 650 million rubles was revealed in Wildberries: Fraudsters may face criminal charges

May 11, 2023  20:05

The security service of the Wildberries online trading platform revealed a case of fraud, which caused a loss of about 650 million rubles to the platform: about 300 sellers, using external services, used illegal promotion methods on the site.

"About 300 sellers used the services of "gray promotion" on the online platform. The miscreants offered their services to them through a Telegram bot. Through it, the sellers, using specially written algorithms, used the advertising services on the website, but did not pay for them, which caused significant damage to the company," reads a press release by Wildberries.

The representatives of Wildberries applied to the law enforcement authorities to initiate a criminal case regarding a particularly large-scale fraud case (according to preliminary data, it is about 650 million rubles, but the exact amount will be determined during the investigation).

Platform’s sellers who have advertised their products illegally may have to pay for advertising services in full, especially if the court decides so.

The company's employees go on strike

The employees of Wildberries staged a new strike near the company's office, which is located in the Demidov business center in Moscow. They claim that the platform withdrew hundreds of millions of rubles from their accounts overnight.

The representatives of the market claim that they did not take any action to withdraw money, but only "presented the invoices to the sellers who used fraudulent schemes" in order not to pay for advertising.

Didn't aliens and hackers break into the company's database?

Recently, it was reported that the platform's databases were hacked, as a result the attackers managed to withdraw 654 million rubles from Wildberries' accounts. Telegram channels also talked about how the platform's employees changed the price tags of the products, bought them at a lower price and then resold them for a large profit.

However, the company denies this information.

"Information on Telegram channels Mash, Shot and Baza about "broken databases", attacks by hackers and aliens on the online platform, untraceable parcels, changed price tags of products, etc. is not true and is the result of the imagination of their authors. The company's services are working in standard mode," the press service of the company said in a statement. 

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