For the first time, Huawei Watch 4 will receive a non-invasive glucometer, as well as satellite connection and sapphire glass

May 10, 2023  12:07

The Huawei company announced today that the official presentation of Huawei Watch 4 smart watches will take place on May 18. The novelty will receive a number of interesting functions, one of which is used for the first time.

There are various reports in the press that the Watch 4 will have support for satellite communication. Earlier Huawei integrated this type of communication support in the mid-segment budget Nova 11 Ultra smartphone, and now the Watch 4 will actually receive it as well.

The new smartwatch will also get a sapphire glass. And finally, Watch 4 can be the first device in its class in the world to have a glucometer, which will measure the level of sugar in the blood composition by a non-invasive method.

Huawei has prepared six unique themes for the Watch 4, which are related to the six cosmic bodies of the solar system: Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn and the Moon. Each of these topics will have its own characteristics. Tech reported earlier that Apple is also developing a technology to measure the level of sugar in the blood using a non-invasive method. Although the company has tested this technology on hundreds of people over the past 10 years, it is still in the proof-of-concept stage. The company has already made some progress, however, and intends to use it on the Apple Watch.

It is not yet known how the new technology will work in the case of Huawei, but in the case of Apple it works through "silicon photonics" and "optical absorption spectroscopy". That is, lasers and sensors are used to measure the concentration of sugar in the blood without piercing the skin, as well as special software to interpret the obtained data.

This technology can be a serious success and strengthen the positions of the companies that produce it. Around 422 million people in the world have diabetes (one in 10 in the US), and to measure the level of sugar in the blood composition, until now they mainly use an invasive method, that is, a blood sample is taken for measurement by piercing the skin.

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