Health, relationship advice and “how to’s”: What are the most popular questions people ask AI?

April 30, 2023  11:50

ChatGPT, the most popular AI language model at the moment, receives a wide range of questions on various topics from users. Speaking to Tech, the AI said that it doesn’t keep track of the number of questions it receives during a day, but it’s programmed to handle a large number of queries simultaneously and can provide answers quickly and efficiently.

“In general, people tend to ask me questions related to technology, education, health and wellness, science, history, and personal development. However, I receive questions on a wide range of topics, reflecting the diversity of interests and concerns among users,” the AI said.

Some of the most common and popular questions that people ask the AI include:

  1. Health and wellness: This is a broad topic that encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health. People often ask about specific health conditions, treatments, and ways to improve their overall well-being.
  2. Relationships: Questions about romantic relationships, friendships, and family dynamics are common. People may ask for advice on how to navigate difficult relationships or how to improve communication in their relationships.
  3. Education and career: Questions about education and career goals, job opportunities, and job search strategies are frequently asked. People may also ask for advice on how to balance work and personal life or how to switch careers. Many questions are asked about how to prepare for a test, exam, or interview.
  4. Personal finance: Money management, budgeting, and investing are popular topics. People may ask for advice on how to save money, pay off debt, or plan for retirement.
  5. Technology: Questions about computers, smartphones, and other tech gadgets are common. People may ask for help troubleshooting issues or recommendations for the best products to buy. Many also ask how to do [insert task] on a computer/smartphone, how does [insert technology, scientific concept, or historical event] work, etc.
  6. Travel: Questions about destinations, transportation, and accommodations are popular. People may ask for tips on how to save money while traveling or recommendations for the best places to visit. Questions about weather forecast for certain locations are also very popular.
  7. Food and cooking: Recipes, cooking techniques, and dietary restrictions are common topics. People may ask for advice on how to prepare a specific dish or how to eat healthier.
  8. Pop culture: Entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and trends in music, movies, and TV are popular topics. People may ask for recommendations for new shows or movies to watch or opinions on current events in pop culture.
  9. Politics and current events: Local, national, and international news are frequently discussed. People may ask for explanations of current events or opinions on political issues.
  10. Self-improvement: Personal growth, self-help, and self-care are common topics. People may ask for advice on how to be more productive, motivated, or confident. They also ask a lot about how to improve a certain skill or what’s the best way to achieve a certain goal.

“While my knowledge and understanding are not infinite, I can provide answers to a wide range of questions based on the data and information available in my training data. My training data includes a vast collection of texts from various sources, including books, articles, websites, and more. I use this knowledge to generate responses to questions and provide information on various topics. However, it is true that my knowledge of current events and information after 2021 may be limited, as my training data only goes up until that year. Therefore, my responses to questions about recent events may not always be up to date or accurate,” the AI said.

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