Most destructive games: What games cause people to break phones and walls?

April 14, 2023  22:10

Sometimes people forget everything in the world when playing games and in a fit of anger they can break their phones, walls, ceilings or something else. Most often, this happens to players in the Call of Duty first-person shooter series.

Compare The Market found that over 33% of Call of Duty players admitted to accidentally breaking or damaging something in their home while playing.

Second place went to the online game Fortnite with just over 29% of players damaging their belongings. Grand Theft Auto and Mario Kart also made it to the list, but indoor games involving a ball took third place with 25.6% of those surveyed causing property damage.


The survey also showed that the average cost to repair interior damage caused by games was $477.34, about the cost of a PlayStation 5 video game console in the US.

The survey also showed that it is very common for gamers to damage laptops by accidentally spilling drinks on them. Many also end up with holes in walls, ceilings, or floors as a result of throwing something on them.

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