Videogame-testing AI to become reality: Google to replace QA experts with artificial intelligence

March 31, 2023  12:57

Google plans to test video games with the help of artificial intelligence (AI); the company has already submitted a patent application for the technology, and this will enable testing video games without the involvement of QA specialists.

As Gamerant noted, a large number of programs and tools based on AI have appeared on the market in recent months. The most notable was the ChatGPT chatbot developed by OpenAI. Later, Microsoft and Google presented their solutions: Bing and BARD. Bing is based on OpenAI developments, but it is somewhat inferior to the ChatGPT in terms of performance. The first demonstration of BARD can boldly be called a failure, as the chatbot made a factual error in the commercial video clip, which cost the company dearly; its stock price fell by more than 7 percent, reducing the company's market value by $100 billion.

What the future holds for the chatbot is not yet known, but now Google has focused on a new technology that uses AI to automate the testing process and ensure quality. This is currently handled by special teams for testing and fixing video games before their release, but Google seems to be convinced that the AI can take over that role.

The patent reference noted that a number of projects are being implemented with delays and errors, as QA specialists are not always able to complete the full amount of necessary work. In addition, the testing process is becoming more complicated, and Google offers a solution that will put an end to this problems.

Most likely, the AI will indeed be able to successfully find bugs in video games. But it is unlikely to find logical errors in them, such as those that the testers for some reason missed before the release of Mass Effect Andromeda, and which were immediately noticed by real gamers.

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