AI identifies professions it will take away from humans

March 17, 2023  12:02

GPT-4, the new version of the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot of the OpenAI company, has expressed readiness to replace people in 20 professions that exist today.

Journalist Rowan Chung has published this list on Twitter. 20 professions that GPT-4 will replace, according to GPT-4 itself, he wrote.

In a request to the chatbot, Chung asked to create a table where the AI should specify the name of the profession and the characteristics of the person that the GPT-4 will replace to perform these jobs.

The list includes such professions as:

  • Translator,
  • Tutor,
  • Data entry specialist,
  • Support representative,
  • Proofreader,
  • Paralegal,
  • Accountant,
  • And copywriter.

The chatbot is also willing to replace:

  • Market research analyst,
  • Social media manager,
  • Meeting planner,
  • Telemarketer,
  • Virtual assistant,
  • Transcriptionist (audio to text conversion)

The last five professions on the list include:

  • Travel agent,
  • Technical support analyst,
  • E-circulation analyst,
  • Content moderator,
  • And HR specialist.

Many users in the comments below the post agreed with this AI list. According to some users, only those professions that require maximum accuracy and on which a person's life will depend will "survive."

OpenAI introduced the GPT-4 a few days ago. The new model is able to solve problems better than the ChatGPT. In addition, it can comment on images and texts. For example, you can show this model a photo of a meme and ask what it's about, and it will explain. Or you can ask what is unusual about the displayed photo and you will get a clear and understandable explanation.

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