GIF22 faces: 5 FAST questions to Monique Morrow

October 1, 2022  16:20

In a few days, Yerevan will host prominent scientists, entrepreneurs, and high representatives of leading international companies and organizations to attend the 4th Global Innovation Forum (GIF22) entitled "Life-Altering Technologies". At the heart of this international forum organized by the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology are discussions on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on human lives.

Prior to GIF22, Tech talked to the speakers of the forum. We present to you Monique Morrow, a Distinguished Architect of Emerging Technologies of Syniverse Technologies. She will participate in the panel discussion on the disruptive influence of AI on the industry.

What are the key points to be highlighted in your speech?

I would like to highlight the importance of data predictability and turning the data into real-time insights. There is a security aspect that is related to this conversation in terms of using AI for forensics, identifying attacks, determining the root cause of such attacks, and developing a forensic model on predictability. The automation capability inherent with AI enables a “big data” analytical capability that humans require. AI, like any other technology, is a tool in a toolbox.

Could you please briefly introduce the peculiarities of AI applications in the field that you are currently working on?

I am mainly working on the points articulated above, specific to the telecommunications industry. I am also interested in understanding how the industry can assess ethical use, [which is contextual]. I chair the IEEE P7030 Group in Ethics of Extended Reality.      This is not a dystopian topic: certainly, we have an opportunity to determine what the intentionality of its use can be and of course, debate where there may be abuse, for instance, citizen safety or privacy. The topic is multi-modal and complex.

How has the field changed in the past 5 years? What do you predict for the next 5 to 10 years?

We have been experiencing the adoption of technologies like AI by industry over the past 5 years or more. In the next 5-10 years we could imagine personalized medicine; experiential adoption for consumers as digital twins that enhance the notion of the “metaverse.” With the intersectionality of law and computer science as educational disciplines, there will be new laws in terms of assuring citizen safety. Predictability and real-time are key factors in this discussion.

What is the biggest challenge in the AI industry now?

The biggest challenge is determining data integrity [what kind of data set and from which sources] and managing cognitive bias at a macro level.

What’s your motivation to take part in #GIF22 and what will be the best outcome for the audience to attend GIF?

I am thrilled to participate in #GIF22 and look forward to a prolific discussion that shall result in recommendations.

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