Big flaw detected in Samsung Galaxy S23: Preinstalled software takes up 60 GB of space on this smartphone

February 7, 2023  16:20

A flaw was discovered in the new Samsung Galaxy S23 flagship smartphones: the preinstalled software takes up about 60 GB of memory on the phone, which is about twice as much as Windows 11 installed on a PC.

This means that if you buy a smartphone of the base model of this series with 128 GB of built-in memory, you will have access to only half of that capacity because the other half will be occupied by the Android 13 operating system, One UI 5.1 interface, and pre-installed apps.

The Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra models, unlike the base Samsung Galaxy S23, have a minimum of 256 GB of built-in memory, but even then, users may find it unpleasant to find out that the preinstalled software takes up a quarter of the phone's memory.

Interestingly, not all Samsung Galaxy S23s have this issue, and it also depends on the country where the phone was purchased. For example, this problem is more pronounced in Europe and the USA.

Sammobile magazine showed two screenshots, in which you can see that the software of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in India (left) takes up less space than in the Netherlands (right); in the first case it occupies 38.39 GB, in the second—58.04 GB.


Why does the new flagship software take up so much space in some countries and noticeably less in others? For now, this is a puzzle. It can be assumed that these smartphones in Western countries come with more carrier software and more partner company apps preinstalled; for example, the new Galaxy phones come with pre-installed Samsung Messages and Google Messages. These apps are very similar to each other, but none of them can be uninstalled and as a result they take up extra space on the phone.

For comparison, the Pixel 7 smartphone software, as well as the Android 13's MIUI 14 interface on the Xiaomi 13, occupy only 15 GB.

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