Armenian government avoids raising issue of locating Armath laboratories in Javakhk

January 25, 2023  17:01

Advanced Technologies Enterprises (ATEE) Executive Director Hayk Chobanyan said that the Armenian government avoided raising the issue of Armath laboratories in Javakhk, and they should try to put such issues on the agenda during meetings with the Georgian leadership. His remarks came during a meeting with journalists on Wednesday, responding to a reporter's question about the opening of Armath laboratories in Georgia.

Hayk Chobanyan noted that the investment of Armatհ engineering laboratories in Javakhk "is of strategic importance not only because our children learn a modern profession, but also because they enter a very Armenian ecosystem, as well as technological and, in a certain sense, it has an Armenian preservation significance."

"We must overcome the problem you mentioned, not only by our own efforts and by the efforts of Javakhk Armenians, but also with the participation of our government. And we should try to put these problems on the agenda during the meetings between us and the heads of Georgia so that we don't have such problems," he said.

You can listen to that part of the press conference from 1։03։23.

When asked if steps are being taken at the government level at this time, the ITSM executive director said there are no such steps at this time.

"Not at the moment, there is no work at the government level. Unfortunately, I have to state that we have failed, we have not yet discussed this issue with the government. But in the previous period we noticed some evasiveness in terms of politicization. I just remember those instances where the government avoided discussing this topic, but I think that, yes, we should definitely put this on the agenda, and our government should definitely participate. I don't know how politically expedient it will be, how it will be done, but at least, it should really be on the agendas of the governments of Armenia and Georgia, the issue of our installation of the Armatհ laboratory in Javakhk," he said.

According to Hayk Chobanyan, there could also be some government financial involvement in this issue. "There are such programs in various diaspora schools, of course, we don't consider Javakhk a diaspora, because people live in their native land, but still, in terms of the state, there is a format that supports Armenian schools outside Armenia, and we think it is necessary "We can also enter this program with the Armath program, in which case the Republic of Armenia will also be directly involved in promoting the Armath in our communities," he said.

Hayk Chobanyan said that this year they plan to open 50 new Armath laboratories in Armenia and another 50 abroad. At the end of January an Armath laboratory will be opened in Kuwait, and another Armath will be opened in the USA in March.


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