Laptops to have completely new type of RAM in 2024? SO-DIMM to be replaced by CAMM

January 17, 2023  10:25

In 2024, a completely new type of RAM may appear in laptops. The JEDEC organization is currently in the process of developing a new memory, the CAMM. It will replace the SO-DIMM RAM that has been in use for the past 25 years.

As reports, JEDEC has already voted to approve the CAMM 0.5 specifications. CAMM 1.0 may also be adopted later this year. And laptops with new memory could appear on the market already in 2024.

The original CAMM, or Compression Attached Memory Module, was originally developed for Dell by JEDEC committee member and Dell Senior Distinguished Engineer, Tom Schnell. The standard JEDEC CAMM will be based on his work, but will likely change somewhat during development.


In the new CAMM, one module actually combines two conventional SO-DIMM modules, which enables to save space in the laptop. The CAMM is 57% thinner, and its dual-sided version can provide 128GB of memory by replacing four 32GB SO-DIMMs at once.


Adopting new hardware standards is usually not an easy task, but JEDEC seems to have been able to do it quite quickly. According to Schnell, about 20 companies in the target group, including various SoC and OEM development companies, have voted for the CAMM 0.5 specifications.


Schnell is confident that the new memory will appear in laptops very soon. And in the near future, according to him, there will also be a version of CAMM that will provide performance and capacity advantages of LPDDR, but it will be possible in a replaceable and upgradeable module.

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