Investments Position Armenia: Orion Summit 2023 will take place in June in New York

January 10, 2023  13:27

Orion Summit 2023 will be held in the financial center of the world, New York City, on June 19-22, under the title 'Investments Position Armenia.'

As Orion Worldwide Innovations informs, the event will last four days. Within its framework, there will be a summit, as well as visits to the world's largest financial and technological companies, universities, venture funds, family offices, meetings and discussions about innovations and investments.

The video announcing the start of the organizational work of the summit was published today on the official platforms of Orion Worldwide Innovations.

"The success of Orion Summit 2022 gave us the confidence to make and implement more ambitious plans for the development of startup ecosystems and the economy. The goal of the summit this year is to create an environment for banking investments and promote global partnerships through the development of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate venture funds and family offices in Armenia," said Diana Arzumanyan, co-founder, director of Orion Worldwide Innovations Armenia.

"The mission of Orion Summit 2023 is to promote the rapid growth of innovation and to position Armenia and the Armenian nation as an influential force in the global economy and social well-being, as well as to position Armenia in the world through the activities of the Digital Julfa Network. We are ready to cooperate and take this path with state and private companies," said Emma Arakelyan, founding director of Orion Worldwide Innovations.

The Orion Summit 2022 technology summit was held in Yerevan on June 22. The participants of the conference were internationally renowned founders, investors, consultants and specialists in technology, finance, business and other fields. The main topics of their discussions were related to the development of the startup ecosystem; opportunities and options for support for startups in attracting investment and achieving unicorn status, pros and cons of employee stock ownership (ESOP) and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) programs, etc.

The creation of Digital Julfa Network was also announced during the event. The goal of this initiative is to consolidate Armenian intellectual, technological, commercial and cultural forces, to recreate the powerful network of economic and intellectual positioning of Armenia and Armenians on a global scale.

Registration of participants at the event was also carried out using innovative technology. Thanks to the 'Your face as a ticket' application, participants received a personal biometric pass, through which they entered the venue of Orion Summit 2022.

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