Microsoft to use artificial intelligence in its Office apps to help write texts

January 9, 2023  16:22

Microsoft Corporation plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by the OpenAI company in its Office applications, including Word, Outlook and PowerPoint, The Information reports, citing an informed source.

It is assumed that thanks to AI, users will be able to include in their texts also fragments of automatically generated texts based on prompts.

Among other tasks, AI can be used to create Email texts that are automatically generated based on the information the user would like to convey to the recipient of the Email.

In 2019, Microsoft invested one billion USD in OpenAI to develop new technology for its products.

In 2021 company introduced the Copilot tool, which helps programmers to write code created jointly with OpenAI.

Last week, reports surfaced online that Microsoft could use OpenAI's AI-powered ChatGPT bot to provide natural language search results on the Bing search engine instead of a list of links. According to former and current employees, the company could integrate the same tools to improve the efficiency of the Microsoft 365 office suite. A source told The Information that the company has been developing personalized Email and document creation tools for more than a year, by developing machine learning techniques based on customer data.

The newspaper explains that a number of conditions must be ensured for the successful introduction of AI technology. For example, ChatGPT does not always provide accurate results, in part because it does not continuously scan the internet for news or updates. If Microsoft's AI-assisted text generation tools provide false or offensive information, people may not use the service because of it.

Necessary privacy must also be ensured to enable the secure configuration of AI for individual customers to eliminate the risks of unauthorized access to their data. The magazine's source noted that Microsoft is working on privacy-preserving methods for the OpenAI GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) and GPT-4 natural language processing algorithms.

Apart from that, it is also very important that AI-based tools work without errors, so that customers do not fear these errors and refuse to use new features. 

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