28-64% higher performance: Information about new Intel Raptor Lake processors appears on Internet before release

December 13, 2022  16:38

Some documents have appeared on the Internet that show the performance of new Intel Raptor Lake processors compared to their predecessors. The matter concerns yet unreleased models from Core i5-13400 to Core i9-13900.

Single-threaded performance will increase little – by 3-10%, with the Core i9-13900 increasing by 10%, and in other cases by 3-6%. And in the case of multi-threaded performance, everything will be much more interesting, as it will increase by 28-64%. In addition, the relatively inexpensive Core i5-13500 processor will get the biggest increase.

Intel's Raptor Lake processors, which are younger than the Core i5-13600K, will be based on Alder Lake models without the new larger cores.

intel core.JPG (115 KB)

This explains the larger single-threaded performance gain of the Core i9-13900, since it will be the large cores that will be new. Nevertheless, Intel has decided to give users more than it did year ago, so the new products will get more cores than their predecessors.

Earlier it became known that the Core i5-13500 will be much faster than the Core i5-12500, as it will have four additional small cores. In fact, it will be almost a copy of the Core i5-12600K. In other cases, the number of cores is also expected to increase, which will lead to a big performance boost.

Experts say that since nothing is known about the insider named "chi11eddog", who spread the data on the Internet, it is not clear how much credibility he can offer. However, the specified performance increase is quite logical, given the increase in the number of cores.

The new Raptor Lake will be presented at CES 2023, which will be held January 5-8, 2023 in Las Vegas.

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