The new iPhone 16 will get improved Face ID scanners

July 10, 2024  16:35

The iPhone 16 series smartphones will feature changes in the design of the Face ID module. This was reported by MacRumors, citing the Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes.

According to the source, Apple planned to introduce an under-display Face ID scanner this year, but the company’s partners were unable to prepare the necessary sensors in time. Nevertheless, DigiTimes assures that the company has other plans to improve Face ID in the iPhone 16 models.

However, it is not specified what exactly these changes will be and whether they will lead to noticeable improvements in the performance of the biometric security system.

It is assumed that Apple will use new sensors that will work more accurately and faster than in previous models. Engineers in Cupertino regularly make changes to the internal components of new generations of iPhones, but this does not always result in new features or obvious benefits for customers.

The iPhone 16 presentation will take place in September. According to rumors, the base iPhone 16 will have an enlarged 6.3-inch screen and an updated camera design.

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