To revolutionize healthcare through AI: The creator of ChatGPT has launched a new company

July 10, 2024  15:02

Sam Altman, the creator of the famous ChatGPT model of artificial intelligence (AI), together with his partner Ariana Huffington, has created a company called Thrive AI Health, which is going to revolutionize the healthcare sector with the help of AI, reports

Thrive AI uses AI to create a personalized "health coach" tailored to a person's specific needs. This coach analyzes data about sleep, diet, fitness, stress and social interactions and makes recommendations based on it.

The company is led by DeCarlos Love, who previously led fitness and health at Fitbit. Thrive AI plans to train its AI trainer using scientific research, medical data and partnerships with institutions such as Stanford University School of Medicine.

Thrive AI's vision is to create a comprehensive healthcare data platform accessible through a smartphone app or virtual assistant that integrates with Thrive's existing products. This system will study human behavior patterns and provide recommendations to improve health in real time.

The company believes that personalized health coaching should be accessible to everyone, and user safety and privacy should be a priority. Users will have full control over the data collected.

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