How to protect Apple ID from fraudsters: Apple's advice to users

July 10, 2024  12:04

Apple has published an informational document on its website, outlining recommendations for protecting Apple ID from phishing, social engineering, and fraudulent calls.

The company advises not to share passwords or security codes and not to enter them on suspicious websites, to use two-factor authentication, and to keep contact information secure. It is specifically noted that Apple and its representatives never request passwords or verification codes.

Users are also recommended not to use gift cards for payments, as they are intended only for purchases in the Apple Store.

When receiving emails from Apple, it is recommended to verify their authenticity. Additionally, Apple advises downloading software only from trusted sources and being cautious with suspicious messages — not to click on links or open attachments in suspicious messages.

It is also advised to ignore suspicious calls or messages that appear to be from Apple. It is better to contact the company through official channels.

Users who encounter suspicious emails, calls, or messages are recommended by Apple to send reports to [email protected] and [email protected]. You can also report spam and fraud through official Apple channels and law enforcement agencies.

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