Largest database containing 10 billion passwords is published on Internet

July 8, 2024  12:09

Researchers from Cybernews have discovered the largest collection of passwords, consisting of 9,948,575,739 unique combinations, stored in plain text. The password file, rockyou2024.txt, was found on a hacker forum and is essentially a coveted target for attackers who use brute force methods to break into accounts, TechRadar reports.

“The RockYou2024 leak is essentially a compilation of real passwords used by people worldwide. The disclosure of such a vast number of passwords significantly increases the risk of password-related attacks,” Cybernews reported.

According to available data, the mentioned file was published on July 4 by a user named ObamaCare, who has previously posted data from earlier leaks since registering on the forum. Researchers note that the RockYou2024 database can be exploited by attackers for brute force attacks to gain unauthorized access to various online accounts used by individuals whose passwords are on this list.

The report states that the RockYou2024 file was compiled from several data breaches that occurred over the past two decades. Additionally, 1.5 billion passwords that leaked online between 2021 and 2024 were added to the file. Experts warn that such an extensive database of passwords could be used by attackers for various types of attacks, endangering not only online services but also industrial equipment, surveillance cameras, and more.

“Moreover, combined with data from other breaches found on hacker forums and marketplaces, which, for instance, include users’ email addresses and other information, RockYou2024 could lead to a cascade of new data breaches, financial fraud cases, and personal information theft,” Cybernews stated.

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