Scientists create new high-strength material consisting of 50% liquid

June 20, 2024  19:22

American scientists from North Carolina State University have developed a new class of materials that are highly durable and sticky (adhesive), and at the same time 50% consist of liquid. The new materials were called glass or glassy gels. The study was published in the scientific journal Nature.

Features of glassy gels

Glassy gels have unique properties that make them particularly noteworthy:

  • Strength and Elasticity: The materials are as hard as glassy polymers, but can be stretched up to five times their original length without breaking. Once stretched, the material can be returned to its original shape by applying heat.
  • Adhesion: The surface of glassy gels has high adhesion, which is unusual for solid materials.
  • Composition: These gels are more than 50% liquid, making them excellent conductors of electricity compared to conventional plastics.

Creation method

To create glassy gels, scientists mixed glassy polymers with an ionic liquid. The mixture was then poured into a mold and cured using ultraviolet light. This process allows the creation of gels from many different polymers and ionic liquids, although not all classes of polymers can be used to produce them.

Benefits and applications

Glassy gels combine the properties of glassy polymers and gels, which opens up wide possibilities for their use:

  • Industrial: High adhesion and strength make them ideal for a variety of industrial applications.
  • Electrical Conductivity: Their ability to conduct electricity better than conventional plastics opens up new possibilities for use in electronics and other high-tech industries.

The creation of glassy gels is considered a significant achievement in the field of materials science. These new materials combine strength, elasticity and high adhesion, making them promising for use in various industries and technologies.

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