iPhone will now warn if it's charging slowly, new features have been added to Photos

June 12, 2024  12:19

The recently presented iOS 18 operating system has a number of new functions that aim to make the use of iPhone smartphones even more comfortable. The Photo app now lets you search QR codes, handwritten text, and more. There is also a new function related to charging the iPhone. the smartphone will now warn the user when charging is slow.

New Photos features

In iOS 18, the Photos app has a new design that includes a refreshed Utilities section: it makes it easy to find different types of images.

While iOS 17's features were limited to imported photos, duplicates, hidden and recently deleted photos, iOS 18's Utilities section now offers the following categories: Hidden, Recently Deleted, Duplicates, Receipts, Handwriting Text, Illustrations, QR Codes, Recently Saved, Recently Viewed, Recently Changed, Documents, Import, Maps.

ios-18-photos-utilities.png (517 KB)

In addition to Utilities, the Photos app also has multimedia categories, and while this section remains mostly the same, there's a new Animations category. The Animation and Illustration sections may refer to the visualization tools available in iOS 18 as part of the Apple Intelligence feature set.

Apple has also added a Pinned Collections section to the Photos app, where favorite content can be displayed.

Slow charging notification

In iOS 18, Apple updated the Battery section of the Settings app to add a new feature that lets you know if you've charged your iPhone with a slow charger.

Slow charging periods are indicated by an orange line in the battery settings section that shows battery usage and charging over the last 24 hours or last 10 days.

ios-18-battery-slow-charging.png (230 KB)

Users will see orange lines when using a 5W wireless charger. Many wireless chargers are advertised as MagSafe but are limited to Qi speeds or lower, so this feature can help iPhone users figure out why their devices aren't charging at optimal speeds.

The two mentioned updates are already available in the beta version of iOS 18 and will be available to everyone later when the stable version of iOS 18 is released.

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