What AI features will future iPhone smartphones have?

May 21, 2024  16:45

Apple plans to significantly improve the artificial intelligence (AI) functionality of the iOS 18 operating system. Insider, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman reported on several key features of AI that may be implemented in the new operating system.

First of all, Apple will improve the voice capabilities of the Siri assistant, making it more conversational and active. This will allow users to receive assistance in their daily lives without the need for active enquiries.

Additionally, iOS 18 may include automatic notification summaries, news article summaries, and voice memo transcription. Neural networks will be able to independently fill the calendar and recommend appropriate applications.

Some improvements will also apply to the built-in photo editor. Although Gurman noted that they won't be as impressive as the AI features in Adobe applications.

Finally, iOS 18 is expected to introduce additional AI capabilities that will allow you to summarize messages in iMessage and create extracts based on their content.

One of Apple's main goals is to ensure that all neural network functions are performed on local devices. Apple will implement some functions independently, and others will use OpenAI technologies.

Mark Gurman added that Apple and OpenAI will make a major announcement about their partnership at the WWDC 2024 conference, which starts on June 10.

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