Firefox 107 is out: What is changed?

November 18, 2022  12:05

Nearly a month after the release of Firefox 106, a new browser update has been released.

The new Firefox 107 fixed 21 vulnerabilities, 10 of which were flagged as dangerous, with seven caused by memory issues.

Here are the updates included in Firefox 107:

  • Ability to analyze power consumption on Linux and macOS systems with Intel processors in the profiling interface is now available;
  • COLRv1 support for color vector fonts;
  • CSS properties "contain-intrinsic-size", "contain-intrinsic-width", "contain-intrinsic-height", "contain-intrinsic-block-size" and "contain-intrinsic-inline-size" to specify the element size to be used regardless of the effect on child element size. If "auto" is set, the last drawn size of the element will be used to fix the size;
  • The font-palette CSS property and the @font-palette-values rule, which allow you to choose a palette from a colored font or define your own;
  • The font-tech() and font-format() functions to check for support for colored fonts in the @supports CSS rules. For the same purpose, tech() has been added to the @font-face CSS rules;
  • RemoteTexture handler (webgl.out-of-process.async-present.force-sync=true) in WebGL to improve performance. Texture handling has been optimized;
  • Debugging of WebExtension-based extensions in developer tools was simplified. Added "--devtools" option in webext (webext run --devtools) to automatically open a browser window with developer tools, for example, to detect the cause of an error. The popup inspection was simplified and a Reload button was added to the panel for reloading WebExtension after making code changes;
  • Fixes issues related to content scrolling smoothly, generating a click event when clicking on the scroll bar, and scrolling beyond content in Wayland-based environments;
  • Improved security of working with types in rendering code;
  • Increased performance of Windows 11 22H2 builds when handling link navigation in the IME (Input Method Editor) and Microsoft Defender subsystems;
  • Total Cookie Protection mode was added to the Android version. A separate isolated storage is now applied to each site to prevent tracking between sites;
  • Added preemptive loading of intermediate certificates to reduce errors when opening sites via HTTPS in Android;
  • Increased content when highlighting text on sites in Android;
  • Added support for image selection panels introduced since Android 7.1;
  • Support for Qualcomm Adreno 620 GPU in Android was added.

Firefox 106 was released on October 19. One of the major changes in that version was the addition of a "Firefox View" button to make it easier to access previously viewed content.

Firefox 108 is scheduled for release on December 13. 

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