Fake banking apps: How can fraudsters control your phone and steal money from your contacts?

February 27, 2024  22:23

Fraudsters are constantly thinking of different methods to extort money from people. Already today, they can use fake banking applications to remotely control a smartphone and steal people's money, warned Dmitry Morev, director of information security at RusStore. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to Morev, when a citizen downloads a fake banking application, after that, criminals can use it to extort funds from the contacts on the victim's phone or carry out DDoS attacks on other users.

The expert noted that very often fraudsters write on social networks on behalf of official banking communities. According to him, most often attackers send messages to users on behalf of the bank, urging them to click on the sent link and urgently download or update the banking application.

According to the specialist, in this case, it is necessary to check whether there is a verification check mark - the blue sign - on the page of the given community on the social network. If it's not there or the message is from an unknown number, it's a scam. The fake user account should be blocked immediately and the bank representatives should be informed about it.

"The consequences of using such applications can be very different, from loss of funds to the failure of the phone. The main rule on how to avoid becoming a victim of scammers is to download applications from trusted sources," said Dmitry Morev.

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