Armenian company SoftConstruct opening 1st NFT stores in Dubai

November 11, 2022  12:26

Armenian company SoftConstruct is opening two NFT art stores in Dubai. According to, the ftNFT stores, located in two major shopping malls, will offer users an "exclusive real NFT art experience": they will supply limited-edition offerings and a range of other interesting products and works by contemporary artists.

According to SoftConstruct co-founder Vigen Badalyan, the digital world is already merging with the real world. The opening of real, physical stores, where you can buy NFT, is a vivid confirmation of this.

"SoftConstruct presents physical stores that are located in the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates - these are the city's most iconic shopping and entertainment centers, which receive more than 130 million visitors annually. The ftNFT stores, where visitors will be able to explore and purchase NFT, will feature exclusive offerings and works by contemporary artists," he said.

The ftNFT stores give people the opportunity to interact with modern technology and real art. They don't just sell authentic NFT art products, they also help users with searching, shipping - and many other things, making the buying process easier.

Much of the store is designed for people to learn about Web3, NFT, products and services offered locally, try and ask questions at the Fast counter, an idea similar to the concierge service in a good hotel. This was designed to provide personal support to clients by specialists specially trained and certified by Soft.

These stores don't have product divisions, but they do have what we call hubs. There people can learn more about Web3, NFT, products and services offered locally. At the Fast counter they can ask questions and work with specialists trained and certified by SoftConstruct.

The day the stores officially open has not yet been announced, but many are already looking forward to seeing Web3 come to life in the ftNFT stores.

All NFTs that will be sold in the ftNFT stores are works of art and will not be offered digitally or sold through the virtual asset platform.

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