Wildberries compensates 3 billion rubles for goods burned in warehouse, but it is still not the whole amount

February 7, 2024  12:15

The Wildberries online trading platform has already paid the third tranche of compensation to sellers whose products were burned in a fire at the company's warehouse in St. Petersburg this year, the Wildberries Telegram channel reported.

"Wildberries paid the third compensation to the sellers. Funds have already been credited to sellers' balances and will be available for withdrawal on February 19. The total amount of the three compensation payments made so far is 3 billion rubles. On January 15 and 29, the first two tranches of partial compensation were transferred to the sellers whose goods were damaged in one of warehouses in Shushari," the message reads.

The company explained that the amount paid is not yet the whole amount, and the final amount is still being adjusted. Sellers do not need to submit additional documents to receive payment.

"Calculations are made based on the information available in the Wildberries electronic accounting system. As soon as the final amount of compensation is calculated, we will inform the sellers, and in case of additional questions, we will consider each case separately," added the company.

On January 22, Wildberries announced that it has already paid compensation to more than 50% of sellers, or about 160 thousand entrepreneurs, whose products were in the warehouse that caught fire.

On February 6, Wildberries promised to pay compensation owed to sellers by the end of February.

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