Rise of robots and an alternate history of USSR in Atomic Heart: When to expect new game?

November 11, 2022  14:11

The robots rebelled against their creators, and Major Sergei Nechaev, better known as P-3, will have to stop them. This will be the plot of the new game Atomic Heart from the Russian studio Mundfish, according to the six-minute trailer published by IGN.

The events of the game unfold in an alternative history setting where the Soviet Union has become a technological superpower thanks to the inventions by scientist Dmitry Sechenov.

While its storyline is not truly unique, the game can still become on the best titles of 2023, if everything is done the right way and if it offers beautiful graphics and good gameplay.

How did the USSR become a robotic superpower and what went wrong?

In the alternate universe of the game in 1936, Professor Dmitry Sechenov, who is a professor at the Brain Research Institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences, created a unique electrical storage device that later became the basis for portable cold fusion reactors. He also discovered an interesting substance called the "Polymer." Back then he could not have imagined that his developments would lead to an era of technological progress and prosperity. And to serious problems as well.


At the Sechenov Scientific Center "Enterprise 3826" a device that allows a person to control robots with the power of thought is being developed. This is how the "Collective" neural network appears, and then its version 2.0, which was supposed to use a polymer implant to link the human mind with the robot's operating system. Such a system was called "Thought."

 In 1955, due to a malfunction in the "Thought" system, the robot assistants rebel against their creators at Enterprise 3826.


From here begins the plot of the game: the main character guided by the players will have not only to put down the uprising at Enterprise 3826, but also investigate the circumstances of what happened and even confront the leaders of the enterprise and even the Soviet Union.

What else do we know about Atomic Heart and when will it be released?

The gameplay is an action-adventure with RPG elements and with a first-person perspective. Gamers are promised a huge open world "Enterprise 3826," where the player can decide by himself where to go and what to do. The developers also promised a large variety of melee and ranged weapons and a crafting system, which will give the opportunity to create new weapons from the details that can be found in the game.


Atomic Heart is expected to release on February 21, 2023 on PC (Steam, VK Play in Russia and the CIS), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. You can already pre-order one of the three editions - Standard, Gold and Premium - on VK Play today for 2499 rubles (about 16,000 drams), 3199 rubles (about 21,000 drams) and 3599 rubles (about 23,000 drams) respectively.

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